Team Blitzkrieg was formed in 2014 at Paintball Explosion in East Dundee, IL. It was formed by five players, who previously airsofted together for few weeks. It was a 1st team for most of us, and we were eager to grow it and learn to be better players.

The team eventually grew to have 8 members, and we moved to play at Black Ops Airsoft, then located in Zion, IL.

Unfortunately, as it happens with many teams – people differ, and arguments arise. Internal struggles, caused the team to split with Mack and Will becoming the leaders, along with Alek and Kevin deciding to stay as members.

Early Days at Black Ops

Left with 4 members, the team has set to recruit more people. Now, a frequent players at Black Ops Airsoft, the team has started making their name for themselves and attracting new people. Quickly, the team count rose to six.

After that even more members joined, and some of them are still in the team ( Jason ). Finally the team reached 8 players, and we became sponsored by Black Ops – after helping at the field and being regular players. This has lasted until June 9th, of 2017. Members became inactive, and started quitting airsoft due to personal reason and lack of time. This has caused the team to lose the sponsorship status, as well as not become as known as before.

Current Times

In 2019, after 2 year break – Jason who was a part of the old team decided to start airsofting again. He decided to create a new team called Lone Wolf Airsoft, and recruited Connor and Griffin. Afterwards, he was able to convince Mack to come back and also play. Mack being the original team leader suggested that everyone should play as Team Blitzkrieg. Everyone agreed, and Blitzkrieg was back with Jason and Griffin as leaders. The team got busy trying to regain it’s previous achievements – recruiting, helping at the field, and working on online presence. That is when we were able to add the rest of the current members.

What happens next? The time will tell!